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About Wholesale


Nature-Expo, Dedicated to premium quality. Our commitment to providing high quality products in the marketplace is founded in our mission that natural foods should be health promoting and enjoyable to eat. We do this by using ingredients that are exclusively grown in California in an ethical manner.

In the food industry, there are many companies who are willing to compromise on quality to reduce the price and make money more quickly. This is often done by engaging in practices that are harmful to people. At Nature-Expo we think the industry can do better, and we are committed to raising the standard. What you get from us is always in season and not multiple years old.


Cleanliness is important to us, directly affecting you and your customers. As public health professionals, we take great care to have a hygienic facility. You should be able to trust the products you’re buying. How the product is handled at every stage directly affects others, so we’ve taken precautions to not just keep people safe, but to make sure they experience the delicious taste of nature. This means less returns for you and happier customers.


Add value to your business. Our unique products—only California grown, natural, and often organic—allow us to contribute to the marketplace by adding value to every store our products enter. Wholesale buyers can trust these specialty foods are from a reliable wholesaler determined to provide premium quality. Customers can taste the difference.